The Best Press Release Distribution Services

best press release distribution

Yes, this old but still very effective promotional method is still the best way of advertising your product. After learning about its significance, now, perhaps you may be wondering about choosing the best press release distribution service, considering that all of the other press release services available today are virtually similar. But in reality, all of the press release services available today are not exactly the same. The best service to choose depends on what your goals and objectives are as well as on the nature of your business.


When it comes to choosing the best press release distribution service for your company, it’s important to realize that there are different needs. Some media monitoring companies handle both online and offline distribution exclusively; while other companies handle both types of distribution. Many business owners, for instance, prefer to handle their online PR efforts in-house in order to retain control and a certain amount of autonomy. On the other hand, other business owners may prefer to outsource their offline media monitoring efforts to save time and money. In the end, the choice is yours.


Choosing a press release distribution service will depend largely on how closely you can monitor and manage your own in-house PR efforts. If you have a dedicated PR team that meets on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, outsourcing your press releases may not be necessary at all. But if you’re like most small business owners, you may find it necessary to hire a full-time in-house PR specialist in order to meet your own personal and professional needs. Whatever your situation, it’s important to ensure that your chosen media monitoring firm is capable of handling both types of coverage: online and offline. A reputable provider of online PR services should make available to you a range of tools and analytical reporting that will allow you to effectively target specific demographics to ensure your message is made known.

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