The Benefits Of Paint Protection Film

paint protection film

Paint protection film is an epoxy sometimes self healing liquid urethane applied to newly painted cars or newly restored or repainted vehicles to protect the paint from everyday wear and tear damage. This film goes on like a paint barrier and protects the paint even after the vehicle has been driven a long distance. This film can be used for bumpers, grilles, headlights, taillights, side boxes, hoods, trunk liners, engine parts, step bars, floor mats, mirrors, splash guards and more. This easy-to-apply, quick drying, low cost protection can be used in any area that would benefit from paint protection.

Why you do Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection films are used in the automotive industry, specifically where expensive paint jobs and body repair must be protected from the elements of nature. These types of films are generally applied over a binder as a thick plastic protective coating. Once this binder is applied, the high impact adhesive and weather sealer are applied to the surface to be protected.

Many car dealers, body shops and auto mechanics are able to install this type of paint protection film themselves because of the low cost and easy application. It can be purchased at most major department stores, auto parts and auto supply stores, or paint supply stores online. It can be installed by most anyone with proper instructions. With no mess, no fuss and no expensive materials, paint protection film makes it easier than ever to protect your investment. With the current state of the economy not being as favorable for most consumers, this is a great way to keep the car you love in pristine shape.

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