Marrel Skip Bin For Large-Scale Commercial Use

marrel skip bin

There are basically two kinds or styles of skip dryer bins – hook and marrel skip bin. The names refer generally to the way the bins are actually loaded onto the trucks to be used. A hook skip dryer is simply lifted up by an overhead chain on the side of a marrel truck and then a hook arm takes the bin onto the pickup truck. The hook goes over the tailgate so that it can be held securely in place. The marrel skip dryer is more elaborate since it is literally pulled to the truck, fitted with hooks, and then drove off.


Both of these types of skip bins have a common enemy – wind. As they are pulled along they occasionally become snagged in heavy winds. Even if they are not immediately blown away, they eventually will because the chain that raises them is held by the wind! This can seriously damage your pickup truck, so you’ll want to take special care with them.


It is illegal to use most commercial vehicles for non-hazardous activities on the roads. Even if it is legal to do such things as road side pick-up, it is still illegal to use them for large-scale commercial use like this. In the case of using a roll off dump for demolition projects you can count on the fact that the truck that carries the dump will almost certainly experience wind resistance as it goes through its journey. As a result the dump will likely be damaged while it is in transit. So you should leave this task to a properly trained professional if you are going to use large-scale commercial use trucks for non-hazardous purposes.

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