Prestige City Plots In Bangalore

Prestige City Plots is among the five major projects of Central Karnataka Government, which is being executed on the border area between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The main areas that are under this project are: Yayamakad, Karkady, Anantargala, Bekal, Marthahalli, etc. This city has been given the status of a new region within the State of Karnataka. Central Government and local officials have made a point to work very closely with the tribal and community groups over this new project and residents here have expressed happiness and joy at this new venture of Government.

Marriage And Prestige City Plots Have More In Common Than You Think

The concept of Prestige City Plots was conceived by Karnataka Government in close knit with the local residents and private industries to develop a new residential region in Andhra Pradesh. Initially, the Government announced that there would be construction of around 1500 new Private Schools in these Prestige City Plots and all of them will be located at different places and in different sectors. And since then there has been a steady inflow of students from various non-Hindi speaking countries and this has encouraged the Government to expand its thinking on how to accommodate more students from various backgrounds and also on how to give a good mix of people here. The success of this venture has resulted in the exponential growth of the Bangalore suburbs and the Government has been able to achieve their target with ease.

The main commercial centers that are included in this developed plan of Prestige City Plots include: Yayamakad, Sarjapur Road, Indira Nagar Road, Indira Park, and finally Marthahalli and Bharatiya Lok Kala Museum. These commercial roads have got a variety of establishments lining them and most of these establishments are clustered together in and around the commercial centers like Yayamakad, Sarjapur Road, and Indira Nagar Road. Thus one can say that the success of this scheme is made possible by the development of commercial properties along commercial roads. The success of this scheme can also be gauged from the fact that government decided not to interfere in the functioning of private bus operators and taxi drivers that run car services for the residents of these elite residential areas. All these factors have lead to the success of Prestige City Plots in Bangalore.

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