A Classic Relaxation Treatise Packed With Therapeutic Techniques

The Scalp Head Massage by Carol Downer is a classic book about the art of massage. It was first published in 1983 and is a full 40 pages long with plenty of tabletop detail and photographs. Although the tone of the book is rather clinical it is written in a very compassionate way. It has some excellent photographs that show off the various different parts of the body and how the massage therapist works on each one. The book also contains numerous illustrations and a glossary of medical terms used in massage.

The Philosophy Of A Classic Relaxation Treatise Packed With Therapeutic Techniques

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The book is divided into five parts with each one containing a different massage technique such as Swedish, shiatsu, Thai and deep tissue. Each technique is designed for its target area on the body and the therapist explains what they are doing and why. In addition to this, there is also a lot of practical information including the correct technique for pregnant women and even sections on how to give massages to children and the elderly.

The best part of the book is the sections on pregnant women and massage in pregnancy. Carol Downer offers solutions for all problems that women might face and also offers a few simple techniques for improving fertility in both mother and child. There are even sections on how to use reflexology to relieve pregnancy pain and backache and even how to give a remedial massage Cronulla. If you are having problems in these areas then these should definitely be on your list of books to buy. Reflexology and pregnancy are two areas that most couples need help in, so whatever your problem, you should get a copy of the Scalp Head Massage by Carol Downer.

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